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31/05/2021 sanyhot-building-solutions

In the building industry throughout history, mankind has used a wide variety of materials shaping ideas and concepts onto build structures that once were unimaginable.

In this fascinating and innovative world, Sanyhot would like to emphasize the use of tapes, and PSA adhesives in general, as a good alternative to liquid adhesives and traditional fixing technologies in building and construction applications.

The building construction is a very demanding industry and advances in pressure sensitive adhesive technology have made these products increasingly popular and the chosen ones to meet the demanding requirements for bonding solutions. These solutions require products that are durable, user friendly and ready to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity.

Sustainability and the effects of climate change are a paradigm shift and will mark changes in building construction materials in the years ahead. The drive to look for more sustainable alternatives with a lower carbon footprint requires this change. The UN, within its program for the deployment of the Sustainable Development Goals, has published in September 2023 the report "Building Materials And The Climate: Constructing A New Future", where it states that building construction industry is responsible by 37% of global emissions and advises to shift to renewable materials to favor the reduction of the carbon footprint in the long term. For this reason, metal is expected to grow strongly as a more eco-sustainable alternative to other materials such as concrete or wood. Metal is relatively more affordable and is also easier to work with and maintain over the years, as well as allowing it to be reused, helping to promote the circular economy.

With the increase in metal building construction, it is becoming increasingly important for contractors to choose adhesives with the right safety and durability for these applications.

With the growth of metal building construction, it is becoming increasingly important for contractors to choose adhesives with the right safety and durability for these applications.

Elastomeric, or flexible adhesives allow different materials with very different mechanical properties to be joined together. Elastomers, through the movement of their polymer chains, can yield and absorb internal stresses under short-term dynamic loads, reducing excessive stresses and preventing damage to weaker materials. Adhesives also allow different materials to be joined together that could not be bonded with mechanical attachments and may reduce the number of mechanical connections required and therefore the cost and fixation.

At Sanyhot, as specialists in the manufacture of hot melt adhesives, 100% solids, based on low melt polymers without the use of any solvents, without curing or cross-linking, we are strongly committed to this industry and more specifically to our PSA adhesive solutions to meet the market demands.

Our adhesives are used in a wide range of applications in the building construction materials, such as sound and thermal insulating coated materials, which are crucial to thermally insulate buildings and improve their energy efficiency, as well as in corner profiles, roofing and ceiling, gutters, and underfloor heating systems. Their easy processing, low health impact, good chemical resistance and typically low price make them the ideal solution in many applications.

Sanyhot has a complete range of bonding solutions for different materials.

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