ECO-Passport bearer for mattress industry

22/06/2021 ECO-Passport bearer for mattress industry

From Sanyhot we are pleased to announce that our product reference PC-6835 has received ECO Passport certification from OEKO-TEX®

This internationally recognized certification is a two-stage verification process where suppliers for products and chemical compounds for textile manufacturing processes can confirm that their products meet the criteria for such environmentally responsible production.

Obtaining this ECO Passport certification, our hot-melt adhesive has undergone through the established two verification levels.

The first step is to analyze the chemical elements from the point of view of the ingredients, comparing them with the list of restricted substances of OEKO-TEK®, which also take into consideration the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and STeP by OEKO-TEX. In addition, they meet the REACH and ZDHC criteria.

In the second stage, an analytical verification ensures that certified products can be used in the production of fabrics in a manner that is respectful with people and the environment while in compliance with existing legislation.

Companies dedicated to the manufacture of mattresses that use materials and fabrics certified with ECO Passport, such as our product reference PC-6835, can be sure that they will meet the chemical requirements of the Standard 100 of OEKO-TEX®.