Circular Economy, a commitment to the future

18/04/2024 La economía circular, una apuesta de futuro

What is the Circular Economy?

The circular economy is a new production model based on maximizing the use of available resources, extending the life cycle of products to generate the greatest possible waste minimization. Until now, a linear economic system has prevailed, consisting of manufacturing, using and remove, which promoted short-term consumption and contributed to the depletion of natural raw materials.

As a manufacturer, we are aware of the impact our footprint can generate on the environment, and that our hot-melt adhesives are widely used in various industrial sectors and applications, from packaging and construction to automotive and nourishment.

For this reason, it is so important that this new eco-design be an alternative to reshape the useful life of our products, from their design and formulation to their final disposal, with the aim of reducing this impact and promoting sustainability, while maintaining the same quality solutions that our customers expect from us.

La economía circular, una apuesta de futuro

How can our adhesives contribute to this model?

Principles of the circular economy based on the 4 R’s:

La economía circular, una apuesta de futuro
  • Reduce: Our hot-melt production not only generates zero waste, but also the use of renewable raw materials in the production of some of our products helps to reduce the demand for fossil-based raw materials.
    However, our MAXIMA range of adhesives allows the amount of adhesive applied to be reduced without losing performance, helping to improve efficiency and save on the production cycle.
  • Reuse: We collaborate with our customers to help them develop projects that will allow them to give their products a loger life.
  • Repair and regenerate nature: Thanks to our privileged location near Tarragona, Spain, with more than 4465 hours of sunshine per year, the installation of solar panels has helped us to generate our own renewable energy and reduce our carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Recycle: Adhesives and products bonded with our hot-melts must be recyclable at the end of their life, reintroducing materials into the production cycle and saving costs responsibly. We have adhesives that comply with the PETCYCLE certification to help in the recycling of PET containers by allowing the adhesive to be separated from the paper of the bottles during ghe process.

Benefits of the circular economy in hot-melt adhesives:

La economía circular, una apuesta de futuro
  • Reducing environmental impact: Moving away from linear economies starts with reducing our carbon footprint. This is a core part of our ethos, and we prioritize minimizing waste generation and natural resource consumption.
  • Saving costs: We reduce spending on raw materials, energy, and waste management. We also promote the reuse of our packaging, as our boxes are made of 100% recyclable cardboard.
  • Improving competitiveness: We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and responsibility for our ecosystem. As a medium-sized company, we have always been proud of our flexibility in adapting to market changes and needs.
  • Collaboration and awareness: At Sanyhot, we collaborate with various entities to promote the circular economy in the industrial sector. We participate in different awareness initiatives such as the “La Caixa” Foundation, and we have joined the United Nations Global Compact 2030 Agenda to promote environmental conservation among our customers and suppliers.

The future is ours

While there are challenges to overcome, the potential benefits are significant, both for the environmental economy.

Collaboration between different actors in the value chain and the development of innovative technologies are key to moving towards a more sustainable future in the adhesives sector.

We want to position ourselves as a key player in the transition to a circular economy. Although we still have a long way to go, our commitment to sustainability and innovation means that we are on the right track to becoming.