Sanyhot is 40 years old!

21/05/2021 Sanyhot is 40 years old!

Forty years is a long time. Four decades that translate into 14,600 days of drive and enthusiasm, 480 months of endeavour and hard work, untold hours devising formulas in the laboratory, endless spent pens, several thousand hours on the phone, numerous emails received and sent (and also a lot of faxes!!), a digital transition, hundreds of trips, countless visits to fairs, infinite conversations with customers, interesting meetings with suppliers, wonderful days off (yes, we also rest sometimes), the satisfaction of projects solved (and just a few projects still pending solutions), thousands of kilometres travelled around the world, a big move, incalculable tonnes of product manufactured, rather a lot of discarded masks and even a pandemic to overcome, millions of smiles and, above all, lots and lots of hot-melt.

And all this has been possible thanks to you, to each and every one of the people who are part of our team. After seeing everything that we have achieved during all this time together, we can affirm that a wonderful future awaits us at your side.

We would like to sincerely thank all the people who have worked or are currently working in Sanyhot, all our customers, suppliers and distributors, and everyone who has collaborated with us at some point during the last 40 years and given their all to help us get this far.